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160 Lucious, Lawst, Naku, Uter, and cohost Pen One

Episode 160 is with Lucious, Lawst, Uter, Naku, and cohosted with Pen One. Lucious and Lawst are two local Twin Cities graffiti writers who’ve organized an annual BIPOC graffiti jam, they paint mural’s around the city strongly focused on native and uplifting community themes, as well as being parents. Naku has been extremely active the last few years and well traveled. Actually while recording this episode he was in the middle of a move. Super solid character and has been on the podcast before. Uter is anther well traveled writer as well as being very active. His living is made off selling art. He’s got a very different original style and while we recorded he was stopped by a police officer. Lastly Pen one cohost’s on this episode and he’ll be a permanent fixture for the distant future. He’s a graffiti designer, graffiti, meme creator, antiquer, and comical guy. A great addition to the podcast.

The guests on this episode are all more of a “younger” generation from Pen and I. There’s plenty of discussions what that entails. It was very important to us to have an episode that focuses on that, this time around since 159 was more of an AARP one.

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Legends Thursday Graffiti Podcast ยท 160 Lucious, Lawst, Naku, Uter, and cohost Pen One

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