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158 Seimer, Cap Matches Color, Ernie, Josh Shaw, Biafra

158 Seimer, Cap Matches Color, Ernie, Josh Shaw, Biafra

The guests are @biafrainc graffiti and street artist from Wisconsin but has lived in Minnesota fro a while.
@jacobs_lader Josh Shaw retired writer, entrepreneur, and podcast host.
@capmatchescolor two of the guys from the book and project Cap Matches Color.
Seimer UTL younger writer really killing it right now.
My friend Ernie a retired writer and entrepreneur.
(If you’d like to read some more in depth write ups about each guest they’re on the IG account.)

This episode was a huge struggle for me. I had the beginning stages of covid and it really wore me down. I’m recovered now but I’m still having a tough time getting my energy level back. There won’t be a new episode for the month of December while I get back to normal. We will be releasing 3-4 of the old episodes though so watch for that. Thanks to the guests for being on this episode it was a lot of fun and a real good time all things considered. Thanks Josh Sebek for editing out all the coughing and as much of the sound issues with background noise from one of the clients home life situations. Also thanks to Erik for uploading the file and doing all the website stuff in the back ground. Hope you all enjoy the episode. See you in January with a new episode and 4-5 guests.

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