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157 Attn G3tr, Durag, When, Kane, Never

157 Attn G3tr, Durag, When, Kane, Never

This episode is almost 3 hours and the topics are below. Here’s a short intro on each guest.

Kane from Toronto Canada. @kane.ism Has been writing for a long time and is a king. Lots of history. His IG feed is always popping. Did an episode with us on our cross Canada trip a few years back. His knowledge on cyber security is second to none. You’re really want to listen to what he says on that subject.

Never Writer and Muralist. @never1959 Has literally traveled all over the world to do his mural painting. There’s a Prince mural a few miles from my home in Minneapolis. Super good dude and has been on the podcast before and resides in LA California. His outlook on murals is extremely interesting. It’s not enough for him to do a mural. He wants to do the research on the city and neighborhood. Then do a mural that has connections with those roots and the impart can be felt for years. A piece of art that’ll be a head turner and will make people have a reaction.

Durag LD @d3wrag St Louis native. Has been extremely consistent through the years.
Met him in 2003 and the last few years his work has improved greatly. He has taking off like a rocket and it’s amazing. He is one of my favorite active writers right now. He’s sober and has such an original style. If you follow his feed you’ll see how much work he puts in. Has a really great working class approach to graffiti and just grinding it out year and year.

Attng3tr @_attn_g3tr is a photographer/documenter from the Detroit area. Makes a magazine called City Limits with graffiti found in Detroit. Very dedicated to the culture and knowledgeable. Also a Bully Breed advocate too. I’ve known her for years. She’s awesome and brings a dedication to documenting that’s so important.

When DF @when_df_ta from Cincy amazing style writer and tattooer. Worked and apprenticed under Rapes RIP. Life long artist and has been able to make it into a career. He’s been on the podcast multiple times. He’s a husband and a father.

Here are the topics we discussed (these are condensed because of space constraints).

Attn gttr
If I’m starting up a personal graff library, what’s one book I need to buy and why, and do you own it?

Where is the line and what are people’s opinions when it comes to murals getting dissed, ragged, or being left alone?

What do we do with our graffiti archives.

How do you manage cyber security?

How have drugs and alcohol affected you in this culture in a positive or negative way?

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