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64 Health Effects Episode Re-Release

Episode 64 “Health Effects” from the LT archive. This was the Health Effects episode. One of the most important episodes we put together. If you are having issues related to painting you should contact a doctor first and foremost, but hopefully this can help with preventative stuff and just being mindful on protecting yourself from the toxicity of paint. We’re also going to try and release the @bigmiles420 episode soon. It has a bunch of good info about the harmful effects of paint. Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting the podcast without you we wouldn’t be able to upload these older episodes. Thanks to @josh_sebek for edited and remastered it and Erik for uploading it and maintaining the server.

“Number 64 is up. Today’s episode is a few conversations about the effects of spray paint. We have three guests, a shrink, a writer, and med student. None of them are doctor’s and aren’t giving medical advice. If you’re having or not having issues you should still see a doctor and consult with them first and foremost. With that said sit back and enjoy the episode. You might just learn something.”

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Legends Thursday Graffiti Podcast · 64 Health Effects Episode Re-Release

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