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156 Reft LD, Billy from Freshpaint NYC, Goer TSL, Germs EMT, and Big Miles

156 Reft LD, Billy from FreshPaint NYC, Goer TSL, Germs EMT, and Big Miles

This round table episode is around 2 hours. We cover some interesting topics (they’re mentioned further down on this post). A huge thank you to the guests. It was great having you all on. Here’s a small intro/run down of them.

Big Miles @bigmiles420, graffiti artist from the Vancouver area. Very consistent and paints a shit ton of freights. Part of SDK and is a husband and father. Has been on the podcast. Great guy and meet him a few years ago. Newby fisherman and experienced gardener.

Fresh Paint NYC @freshpaintnyc avid documentarian of Graffiti in the NY area and beyond. Has traveled a ton to flick in different areas around the nation. Recently has started a YouTube channel Called “The Graffiti Wanderer” Multiple writers have said nothing gets past him in NY and he finds it all. He visited Minneapolis a couple years ago and is super solid. His dedication to documentation is amazing.

Reft LD @razorramone124 Grew up in Detroit. Has resided in multiple cities around the nation. His straight job works on diversity in a company. Big on traveling, outdoors, skateboarding, and snowboarding.

Germs EMT @d_list_celebrity Lives in San Fran. Very consistent through the years. Bomber, Piecer, and everything in between. He also happens to be a tattooer. Strong supporter of the podcast. Has a small vintage pencil sharpener collection which is amazing!!! Check out the video on IG.

Goer Seventh Letter @goerilla7 from California, but doesn’t live there currently. Has been on the podcast. Family man with a wife and kids, vegetarian. Has gone through some major things in his life physically and still is out there painting regularly.

Topics discussed in Episode 156 are as follows

Big Miles
What have been the health effects you’ve personal seen because of paint?
-solvent abuse,contact dermatitis, painters syndrome
-personality effects. Short tempers. And the drama that goes along with groups of people exposed to solvent abuse.

Reft LD
What’s your experience with diversity in graffiti and people from different backgrounds?

Fresh Paint NYC
The effects of “Instagram photographers” running to take flicks of graffiti to post, verses a traditional photographer documenting and shooting with a purpose other than social media accolades.

How did your significant other or partner find out and accept your double life, how did you break it to them, or do you still keep it under wraps?

Goer @goerilla7
How and in what ways did your upbringing affect you as graffiti artist?

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Legends Thursday Graffiti Podcast · 156 Reft LD, Billy from Freshpaint NYC, Goer TSL, Germs EMT, and Big Miles

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