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Episode 155 Sug, Daze, Sheva, Army, and Bora Da Explorer

Episode 155 Daze, Sheva, Bora Da Explorer, Sug, and Army.
I’m extremely proud of this episode and this group. We cover a lot ground in the topics and it’s a long one almost, three hours. The topics are as follows.

Graffiti and graffiti occurring during protests.

Modern day graffiti has always been considered an element of hip hop culture. Does hip hop play any role in your art. Has it ever?

What would you tell a younger family member getting into writing?

How physically taxing can Graffiti be

Street Cred vs Train Cred/Small Town vs Big City-
How important is it to be a well rounded writer and how does small town or big city atmospheres play into the ability to get up and build a name within the culture and what can you do to remain relevant within your area?

Here’s a quick small run down on the guests (more info can be found on each person through this week’s LT IG posts).
Daze TN is from Alabama and his career is art based. He lives on a farm with his family and harvests a lot of his own food. In his spare time he works on a lot of anti police brutality issues.
Sheva is from Minneapolis and one of my favorite writers from here. I’ve known her for a few years and she’s badass. Quality art and a quality person. Her straight job has a lot to do with nutrition.
Bora is a documentarian who’s lived and benched in multiple cities. Currently based in Louisiana. He also has amassed an amazing graffiti art collection. Which he has showed in full or part at different spots around the nation.
Sug TVC NG RTD has been painting for 3 decades. Lives in the Albuquerque area. His contributions to this art form are super solid and his contributions to his local community are also admirable.
Army TSR AFD is a writer from Detroit. He’s been painting there for a long time. While I was traveling there regularly he had tons of pieces on the street. He was also the first guest on the LT podcast years ago. Super great guy and good insight.

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Legends Thursday Graffiti Podcast · Episode 155 Sug, Daze, Sheva, Army, and Bora Da Explorer

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