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Episode 154 Rove, Zone, Vayne, Phil America, and Nick from Benchmasters

This is episode 154. Another round table format which will probably be the format from here on out. We had 5 guests and it was pretty cool. A little technical problems with an echo but Josh took care of most of it. 4 of the guests have been on the LT podcast before and they are as follows.

Rove CBS Fr8ophilies, @rove_cbs_fr8ophiles Canadian Legend. Life partner of Theory, super nice guy.

Nick from Benchmasters One He’s a documentarian from the New England Area, has published multiple books and magazines. Also an executive producer of the YME film. He’s got some good merch and stuff on his website, so swoop some up. His new magazines are badass Benchmasters One Website/

Zone WST @zone1wst a veteran in graffiti and the service. Still putting in plenty of work. He’s taking on commissions to do woodcuts with pieces on them. I have one and would strongly suggest grabbing one.

Phil America @philamerica activists, art curator, publisher, and podcast host. He’s done a TED Talk and through art has really tried to start conversations about things happening in our country and beyond. Here’s a link to his TED Talk and website. Phil’s Ted Talk Phil’s Website

Vayne @bucket_head77 a younger writer who’s crushing Atlanta and beyond. He’s a very motivated writer and this video shows it. Vayne Video

We strongly suggest checking out the guests social media and videos. That way you can get familiar with their work before you listen to the episode.

The sponsors for this episode are Trout Art Supply, Spinelli’s Pizzeria Louisville and Tempe, Rail Yard Studios, SC Laboratories, and Shane Huss from Mindful Release. Please support them and let them know you appreciate them sponsoring the podcast. Also please support us by donating to our project or buy our pre-order shirt. It’ll get released in the next week or two. Thanks and hope you enjoy the episode.

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Legends Thursday Graffiti Podcast ยท Episode 154 Rove, Zone, Vayne, Phil America, and Nick from Benchmasters

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