Graffiti Podcast

Episode 153 Round Table

On this episode we have 4 guests,

Rob from Rail Yard Studios @railyardstudios. He’s an entrepreneur based out of Nashville TN. Rail Yard Studio’s takes objects from the rail industry and develops them into custom furniture for home and offices. He’s a graffiti fan who respects the art form and has really worked hard to preserve a lot of the history.

Marcher Arrant @marcher.arrant moniker artist, hails from Ohio originally. Moniker/graffiti artist. World traveler/hobo life/walked and mapped all the city streets in Paris and Barcelona. He has walked the planet literally.

KUB @_sir_kub_ co-host of the podcast The Graffiti Machine with Bus MSK. They focus on personal self improvement and a great positive contribution to the culture. Based around the LA area.

@shanehuss @mindfulrelease younger writer/calligrapher from Minnesota but lives in Colorado. Environmentalist, plants trees through calligraphy, and lover of lettering.
I want to say thank you to the guests for being on this episode. I’m very excited about this one.
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