Graffiti Podcast

Episode 152 Round Table

As my city of residence is burning from civil unrest it’s not the best day to drop a podcast. I push this out with a heavy heart, so please bear with me and the lateness. Besides the current events I’m very happy and optimistic about where the LT podcast is headed. We have adopted a round table format. This episode is with Pen One, Naku, and Bus 166. All accomplished writers in their own right. We discuss three topics and do a close. There was suppose to be a forth writer but that……fell through. The 3 topics are What’s the place and your view point on digital graffiti in our culture? Personal feelings on writers concealing or not concealing their face or identity? Your best food experience on a graffiti trip? Basically 2 serious topics and one that’s a little more light weight. Hope you enjoy this. Thanks to Josh for mixing this and the three writers who were kind enough to do this. Stay safe out there people.

Legends Thursday Graffiti Podcast ยท 152 Round Table – Pen One, Naku, and Bus 166

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