Graffiti Podcast

Episode 151 Covid-19 Crisis

This episode of the Legends Thursday Podcast we talk to small businesses owners, entrepreneurs, and free lancers about how they are dealing with the crisis. How we can support them and maybe some advice to those out there on how to deal with this current situation. The interview portion of the show is with Brian from Spinellis Pizzeria in Louisville Kentucky, Pen One graphic designer and free lancer, Asic ETC small business owner/entrepreneur, Case Bloom who owns an american made bag company and is a DJ. Then on the close we talk and discuss with Solo IAP and Space (T) who are also both small business owners. We’re all in a terrible spot right now and hope you all are staying safe. Please try to support each other and the small businesses out there as we all deal with this crisis.

Legends Thursday Graffiti Podcast ยท Episode 151 Covid-19 Crisis

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